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IOB is proud to be ISO 9001/AS 9100 Certified.

Contract Manufacturing

IOB has a strong, in-house team of production and quality engineers that will work directly with you and your team to bring your product manufacturing online at the rate you need, while meeting or exceeding your quality requirements. Whether you have a production process and flow established or need IOB to develop this for you, we are ready to assist.

IOB Greensboro has produced outstanding results for a variety of manufacturing companies. We are experienced in swiftly training our staff and ramping up production.

Such organizations as the US Army and National Industries for the Blind (NIB) engage our services again and again, thanks to our efficiency and quality yields as high as 99%.

We can do the same for your organization. As more and more U.S. companies assess the costs and complications of outsourcing manufacturing, we are proud to offer high-quality products made in the USA for a competitive price.

In addition, your customers will recognize the role you play in providing productive employment for our hardworking staff.

Packaging Solutions

Photo of IOB employee smiling in front of the broom assembly department.

For years, IOB Greensboro has been providing custom packaging solutions for companies large and small throughout the US. Like a well-oiled machine, we expertly turn jumbled bins of product into neatly labeled packages every day.

One large company that relies on IOB for packaging solutions is Southeastern Paper Group. For more than 15 years, our assembly department has been sorting, measuring, and packaging products such as tops, caps, and channel runners for this distribution giant.

Since implementing our continuous improvement methods, we’re getting better – and more efficient – all the time. Southeastern is so pleased with our operations that they’re adding more to the menu of items we process.

Assembly Services

Photo of IOB employee smiling in front of assembly lines.

From pens to parachutes, everything comes in pieces. And for a lot of companies, outsourcing the assembly of their products makes a lot of sense.

Contract assembly can be faster, cheaper, and easier than building, hiring and maintaining your own assembly department. And when you choose us as your partner, you’ll get more than the satisfaction of employing American workers who are blind, you’ll end up with a superior product, to boot.

At the heart of our success is our ultra-efficient manufacturing method. We’ve learned from the best to deliver higher efficiency, larger production goals and quality yields as high as 99%. The most amazing part is that we can achieve these results while providing happier, healthier working conditions for our employees.

Whether your company is large or small, we can handle assembly operations of any scale. Organizations as large as the U.S. Army rely on us for manufacturing services, but we also serve small businesses, too.

Distribution & Logistics

Photo of IOB employee scanning bar codes on stored boxes in warehouse.

For our customers who need distribution services, we hold product until it is needed, then ship on demand. The customer is relieved of the burden of storing all that inventory; in addition, they can manufacture beyond current demand and take advantage of economies of scale.

Among the companies that take advantage of our distribution services are DLA Troop Support and Walmart.

For the General Accounting Office, our employees manage an inventory in excess of four million light bulbs and seven million springs by using logistics applications and voice interactive technology.

Give us a call at 336-274-1591 to see how we can take care of your manufacturing, assembly, and distribution needs. Or, contact us online.


We are here to help; to build; to customize; to succeed at whatever your project may be. We have assisted large and small companies from packaging kits and building cases to assembly, manufacturing, and distribution, to sewing top of the line military equipment and face masks. We do it all and we like a challenge. Please click the box below to get started along the right path of discovery today.

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