@ Industries of the Blind

Here at IOB we do things a little differently than your average company. We motivate those who are ready to take the next step towards their growth and independence; we coach and educate those who need guidance; we are a shoulder to lean on for those who are just starting out on this difficult to navigate journey through employment with a visual impairment. We are here to help however we can.

A Bit More Like Family

When you walk out onto our production floor and encounter the large world in front you, know that the people who are working at IOB are more than coworkers.  Many of the folks that grace our sewing machines and assembly lines are more like family to each other. They have worked side by side for years lending a helping hand to their coworkers when needed. There is a higher level of empathy seen out on these floors for sighted and blind folks. They work together and they do not turn their backs on one another. That’s a lot more than you can say about most workplace environments. There is a feeling of belonging here. If somebody stumbles, we are all here to help them back up. That is what family is suppose to do.

Amazing Employee Retention

In 1933 we built something real and associates knew that and were drawn to it. Time passed and people came and went as they generally do. We are proud to honor those who did stick by our side and have made this company what it is and what it stands for simply by showing up to do their job every day. They grew because of their ambition and drive to better themselves and in their sheer determination to self improve, they also brought the company and their coworkers with them. That’s what makes us more than a bunch of people who work together. We are more than that. We want to see this thing through to it’s fullest achievement and then some.

During our quarterly company-wide meetings, our president hands out certificates to those who have recently achieved anniversary milestones in their careers. Some folks have been here for 50 years. Many people have been here for more than 20 years. That’s commitment.

We invite you to come meet some of our amazing IOB associates. Their stories with make you feel something special when you choose to apply for a position with us. You really are supporting more than just a well-made product.

The 1st Annual 20 Year Club Celebration!

Since our start in 1933, IOB has celebrated our associate’s tenure. Personal development and employment opportunities for people who are blind is what we do and when you have people who feel the same way by working with us 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, it makes work a pleasure and your coworkers family. Below are some photos of our 20 Year Club members.

Congratulations to all 32 IOB associates:

Lawrence Cuthbertson, Clifford Alexander Sr., Annie Alexander, Robert Ponton, Jack Permar, Shirley Marshall, Debora Matthews, James Woods, Kenny Faison, Juanita Quick, Linwood Lynch Sr., Sharon Elosser, Wesley Whitsett, Jolie Harding, Darlene Torain, Lay Tem, Herry I’m, Danny David, Jody Yancey, Chris Alexander, Tony Johnson, Patricia Jarrett, Hmac Adring, Thomas Williams, Cynthia Vega, H’Mer Mlo, H’Nier Rahlan, Kenny Weadon, Tae Kim, Richard Oliver, Cathy Williams, Jeff Chandler.

Benefits Package

At the Industries of the Blind, we offer our full-time employees a competitive benefits package including; paid time off, dental, health, and vision insurance, a matching 401K, and many paid holidays. Please speak with our Human Resource Department regarding the many benefits of working with the Industries of the Blind.

IOB Training Program

Our Training Program here at IOB is always improving. Everyone has the chance to drive the change towards excellence. We work together to make those changes take effect and watch them physically make our jobs safer, faster, better and easier. We are always striving to improve our abilities and the operating abilities of our team members and equipment used.


Candidates Blind and Sighted will be in contact with Human Resources from the time they apply at IOB. They will contact the candidate and after a brief screening, schedule a formal interview.

Once a date and time has been scheduled, the potential candidate will come to IOB prepared for an assessment on the floor with a trainer and the Employee Optimization Manager.

During the assessment, the trainer and EOM will give directions and/or sew simple items for examples. The candidate will then be asked to sew the example items as shown. These items will start out very simple such as; straight lines, to see if they are able to control the machines. If a candidate displays the ability to do more, we will try them on more difficult sews.

Training: The First 90 Days

Candidates will start in areas based on skill level. We have some candidates that have been sewing multiple years and will start on one of the higher skill level production lines. Candidates that don’t have much experience will start in a lower skill level production line. We cater the job to the new hire’s abilities while striving for the highest quality product possible. Learning takes time and we are here to help our new hires whenever they feel they need a little extra guidance

On an employee’s first day, one of the trainers will spend the entire day with the new associate. This is to make the new employee feel more comfortable and know that we don’t expect them to be up to rate on the first day. Skill level and comfort in the work will determine how long a trainer will stay with the new employee. For someone that has very little sewing experience, the trainer may stay with them for up to 2 weeks.  Someone with more experience may only need the trainer for a couple days, then have them periodically check in on them to ensure they are doing high quality work.

Skill level and comfort in the work will determine how long a trainer will stay with the new employee. For someone that has very little sewing experience, the trainer may stay with them for up to 2 weeks. 

When we feel that the associate is fine to work without the trainer, we will leave that person to work alone. This does not mean that they can never have the trainer’s assistance. We have had multiple employees need a refresher from the trainer after time off or away from that job. The trainers are always there for assistance when needed.

We’re always looking for people who want to work. If you are visually impaired, you know what you can do. The good news is—so do we.

With the wide array of technologies currently being used we understand that it is possible you may have challenges when applying for a position on our website.  If you need any assistance applying for a position or if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for  please call us at 336-274-1591 .