What We Create

The range of products that we manufacture takes a lot of people by surprise.

Some products—our iconic Skilcraft pens, for example—have been around for decades. (They have changed little because they were designed extremely well in the first place.)

The range of products speaks to our ability to adapt our production to the needs of the moment.

When the Department of Defense came to us in 2008, asking us to produce Ballistic Nape Pads for active duty soldiers—within weeks, we were producing 1000 per day.

All of our products are made in the USA, and below are a few of the items we manufacture on a regular basis. Give Customer Service a call at 1-800-909-7086, or send an email to customerservice@iob-gso.com if you are interested in learning more.


This pen is a design classic! It has been used by the U.S. government for over 40 years. Last year, our team of 25 people who are blind made 4 million of the pens, which are sold under our SKILCRAFT label. The pens have been used for many tasks besides writing, as related in an interesting story in our media section.

Janitorial Supplies:

Our classic mop is the first thing we made in 1933. Today we produce 6 types of 8 ply cotton mop heads. Wooden handles are produced as well, both spring lever and screw type of various lengths. And the ever popular Scrubeez scrubbing pads.


Brooms of all shapes and sizes are pillars of the SKILCRAFT brand, and we’ve been making them for nearly 8 decades. We even have small brooms for children!


From the classic Masonite to more modern and colorful looks, we manufacture a wide range of clipboard styles. Our clipboards can be seen during the door -to-door Census collection.


We have it all, from moisture wicking shirts to extreme weather clothing, we stitch and embroider all kinds of apparel for civilian and military use.

Hydration carriers

Hydration carriers are military grade water backpacks to keep thirsty soldiers hydrated on the move. These are no longer available but offer an insight into what we are capable of making.

Ballistic Nape Pad:

Military personnel in combat zones now sport our Kevlar nape guards. Attached to the back of the standard helmet, these armored pads protect the neck from flying shrapnel and debris.

Face Masks:

Military face coverings are our latest creation. They are durable, adjustable and not bad looking!