We like helping people. You want to help us. Let’s form a team and help each other! We have plenty of opportunities coming up that will call for an army of creative, positive-thinking, hardworking volunteers. Have an idea of how you might be able to help us or our visually impaired community? Please write us and share your thoughts. We would love to collaborate on making our community stronger.

Photo saying "we heart (image) volunteers!

In addition to volunteer opportunities with Industries of the Blind, we may also have opportunities as events arise within our coffee shop 33 & Elm Coffee House. Please stay tuned in on IOB’s facebook page and the coffee shop’s facebook page for further details on future events and how you can help!

Upcoming Events

Several times a year we enjoy hosting fun events for our staff and their families. Would you like to volunteer at one of these events?

Media Marketing

We are always looking for help marketing our mission, whether that be through recruiting or advertising on social media.

Coffee Shop Volunteers

In the near future we hope to host UNCG related events at the coffee shop; art galleries, live music, poetry, who knows! We will need some extra hands.

We wouldn’t be as strong as we are if we didn’t work together.

Photo of sign hung with clothes pins saying, "we need you".